Asian Stories by Aussie G

A Serpant in The Garden of Eden
Copyrite Aussie Greg 2004

Chaily Correos answered the door expecting another Filipina customer. Her reputation as the best Filipina Black Magic Woman in Melbourne, Australia meant she had a steady stream of Filipinas seeking love, beauty, wealth, happiness, revenge or whatever. She was 43 years old 5 ft 4 large breasted, thick waisted and hipped at 38 33 43 and with the dark skin and face with a prominent jaw line that immediately identified her as a Filipina. Her thick strong black hair was cut in a short severe style.

But there was no customer. Instead 5 middle aged and younger Filipinas rushed through the door grabbing her and forcing her onto the floor of the waiting room which was in fact her lounge room. Before she could recover a ripping sound told her that her blouse and bra were being cut and pulled from her, to be followed by her jeans and panties, until she was lying nude, before them.

"Ahh Oh Oh Nooooooooooo!" Chaily screamed as one of them gripped her hair and dragged her to her knees, saying,

"Let's see how the cunt sucks pussy. You others hold her and watch."

As she was held she watched in horror as one of her two older captors shed her jeans with one hand, revealing still lithe, muscular thighs with a shaved prominent mound, extra long and thick cunt lips and a hard arse. The 5 ft 1inch long haired 32B 24 32 45 year old woman sat down on the couch, opened her legs, and dragged her by the hair, jamming her face into her crotch.

"Lick bitch," she commanded, jerking her hips into Chaily's face who thought she was going to throw up as the strong odor of the woman's sex hit her, so she closed her eyes, pressed her lips together, and tried to pull her head away.

"Come-on," she heard as the woman slapped the back of her head and smeared her groin against her face. She heard the woman mutter to herself as she continued to refuse to lick her.

"You think you're too good to eat Jovy Cutamora. You asked for it, bitch. Girls give me a hand."

Without a word her two daughters, Charity 27 and Faith 29, younger mirror images of their mother and their still 35 year old attractive cousin Martiliana Sasarita lifted her onto the couch, dropping her onto her back with her head hanging over one of the arms. She found herself staring upside down at the 45 year old Jovy as she slid her hand along her legs until it fitted snugly against her crotch; her long fingers must have been 6 inches long and were very thin. Screams were ripped from her throat and blackness clouded her vision as Jovy ripped out a handful of her pubic hair, causing her body to arch upwards in agony. Her head was held firmly in the grip of her two daughters as a dildo was shoved into her mouth.

She began thrashing about in terror as Martiliana drove her hips forward, forcing the 6 inch dildo strap-on down her throat, blocking her air passage while her cousins held her down, biting at her nipples and groin as their mother played with the woman's cunt, exploring it with her long fingers. The scent of Martiliana's cunt was flooding her senses as she breathed in deeply through her nose and her whole body was trembling as it fell back onto the couch, the dildo in her throat pinning her down as the 35 year old Martiliana ground her hips into her face.

Muffled screams came through the dildo whenever the older woman at her crotch or the two at her breasts decided she needed a little tenderizing, pinching, biting. All the while her throat bulged with the dildo being ground against her face as they slapped or teased her sexual organs without mercy. Jovy knelt enraptured, one hand at her own cunt fingering herself, the other using the cunt spread open before her.

The lack of oxygen was making her dizzy. Her mind was floating outside her body as the dildo began to pound in and out of her throat, fucking her like a man would, until Martiliana's female cum ran down her face and into her eyes and hair, blinding and suffocating her at the same time. She tried to scream, but her body, held down by the others, just shook along with the groin held firm against her face, cutting off her air. Just as she felt consciousness begin to slip away, the dildo was pulled from her throat, and warm air rushed back into her lungs, shocking her back into herself.

Her whole body was drenched and a faint nausea filled her. She felt weak, like a baby, and didn't, couldn't, resist as she was dragged by her hair to her feet, the pain a dull throbbing in her head. She didn't really register as the strap-on used by Martiliana was handed to one of the daughters Faith who slipped it on. Warm lips met hers, and she was surprised by the passion in them, the warmth of the bodies pressed against hers from both behind and in front became comforting instead of suffocating as she felt a tongue press against her own, shivers of weakness sliding through her body as hands ran over her, holding her up while caressing her.

Her eyes shot open and a muffled grunt escaped her throat as she felt something prod her anus, and tears filled her eyes even as chills of pleasure shot down her spine as the woman's teeth clashed with hers, her lips warm and tingling. She grunted again and wailed slightly as she felt her arse stretch painfully, shooting a strange thrill of pleasure through her body as the fake cock propelled by Faith slid up into her bowels, raising her up on her toes, her calves straining to lift her body away from the intrusion.

As the lips moved away from hers, she gasped at the fullness inside her, her breath coming in short gasps as her eyes locked on the sharp brown eyes of the woman facing her. Her eyes widened and she looked down, seeing the 9 inch invader mounted on Charity pressed lightly against her labia, whispering "no" before hands gripped her inner thighs, lifting her from her feet and spreading her wide apart before dropping her onto the monster dildo.

"Ahhh!" she howled as she was split in two, a howl cut short as the dildo jarred against her womb, sending a shock up her spine. The pain was overwhelming, dragging screams from a throat she had thought screamed raw, until lips covered hers again, this time insistent, forceful, biting. Her body was jerked back and forth like a rag doll as the two sisters fucked her relentlessly, in and out, in and out, each thrust into her cunt or arse jarring her entire body with its force. She was no longer standing, and no longer being held up, only the two dildos kept her from sliding to the floor between her two rapists. Animalistic grunts came from deep in her chest in rhythm to her fucking, and she
could feel her rapists gasp and grunt and pant as they came, not stopping even then, enjoying they way they had impaled her body, the way it jerked and spasmed uncontrollably in their grip.

Again and again they drove into her until her head was spinning, sweat slick between their bodies, each of her rapist's passion rising as orgasms rippled through their bodies. The pain had receded to a background scream, leaving her feeling impaled and stretched beyond imagination. Lips and teeth at her neck and lips and face sent shivers through her body, and each thump of the dildo against her womb lit sparks of sensation screaming to her mind. She didn't realize she was coming until she heard her own voice howling and moaning as wave after wave of almost unbearable pleasure rocked through her body, and still they wouldn't stop, feral grins twisting their faces as they drove her higher and higher into orgasm.

Sparks started to cloud her vision, and she felt warm fluid gush down her thighs. Her body was beyond her control, a spasming mass of muscle and sinew bucking uncontrollably on the end on the two fake, fat cocks, drowning her mind in pleasure. Her eyes were open but she couldn't see anything as she rocketed into ecstasy, her legs flopping once, another gush flooding from her cunt, before she went limp. The women fucked her a few more times before finishing their orgasms, dropping her like a limp doll to lay in her own cum while they staggered across to the couch.

Soon the sisters, their cousin and mother lifted her up and laid her on her back on the dining table. Past feeling pain, she just lay there as the four of them quickly used the straps they had bought with them to secure both her wrists at her sides and her ankles wide apart to the table legs. Other straps held her thighs apart and one that crossed her belly kept her from moving at all.

The oldest of the Filipinas approached. She was 48 years old and like the others was quite short, just under 5 ft, long haired and also like the other slim and dark. Up to now she had been an observer, but she now used the vibrator in her hand on Chaily. The state of arousal Chaily was in at that point forced her over the edge as soon as the vibrator touched her clit. The room fills with her moans, interspersed with groans of pain as her body writhed with each contraction of her tight pussy.

"I think you know what's coming up next. But first, I need to make sure that this stays where it should," the woman chuckled as she clicked off the vibrator and tucked it into her jacket pocket. Then she grabbed a length of rubber tyre inner tubing, wrapped it several times around Chaily's full waist, and then knotted it at the small of her back. She took the end and added a large knot in the middle and then let it hang loose. Then she took the vibrator again and moved back to teasing her whimpering captive, running the buzzing tip slowly over and around her clit.

"I'm Saturnina Cacayorin and I know your powers as a Black Magic Woman come from your sexual energy. I know because mine do too. I've been paid by the Vietnamese to take your powers away because they fear you could unite and strengthen the Filipinas on the WFGC (Women For God Council) and help them keep control of the overseas funding. They prefer to face a spineless, disjointed rabble. The money is good but the real reason I'm doing this is to show the Filipina community who is the best Black Magic Woman. I've been here 2 months since my sister Jovy sponsored me and to destroy you establishes my reputation here in Melbourne very quickly. That is why I'm going to enjoy fucking you till you've been drained, worn out and emptied and got no sex power left, and perform a ceremony that will leave you broken, destroyed and lower than an animal."

She used the vibrator again and Chaily's body reacted once more to the it and was racked with spasms as she came so hard her juices now streamed down her thighs.

"UUUUUUUUHHHHH!" Chaily screamed, the sound echoing in the room, reverberating as if there were scores of women climaxing all at once.

Saturnina nudged the edge of the vibrator between Chaily's legs and against her pussy lips, and moved to take her left breast into her mouth. She began to suck her hard nipple between her teeth, traced it with her tongue, and then flicked the tip back and forth. Chaily's body reacted instinctively by grinding into the vibrator and riding it hard.

"ARRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!" Chaily screamed as the restraints bit into her wrists hard, digging deeply. Her arched back pulled her weight against the straps, sending searing pains through her body. The pain combined with the swift hard strokes of the vibrator made her cum over and over and over until she felt she couldn't take anymore.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH OOOOOH GOOOODDD," Chaily moaned as her body shuddered uncontrollably.

Saturnina moved her mouth to suckle her right nipple between her lips, as she moved the tip of the vibrator to part Chaily's hot and swollen pussy lips. Saturnina nibbled lightly on her nipple, rolling it between her partially closed teeth as she slowly started to push the vibrator upwards. It slid easily inside her moist opening.

Chaily clenched her teeth together, the slight pain on her nipple making her cum once again while the restraints dug painfully into her wrists. As her body shook against Saturnina, she tossed her head back and squealed,


Screams of pleasure were now indiscernible from cries of pain as Chaily's plump breasts pulsed against Saturnina's face in rhythm to her shuddering orgasm.

Saturnina pressed the vibrator all the way home in Chaily, driving it deep within her writhing and helpless body. She turned the vibrator to full and reached between her legs and brought forward the tubing, bringing it up and then knotting it at the tube around her waist. The knot she tied now nuzzled against her clit, the rubber now vibrating against it with the vibrator within her. Saturnina stepped back to watch her reactions, knowing there would be no respite for her rival.

"OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH...OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH...OOOOOOOOOOOMYGGGGGGOOOOOD!!!" Chaily screamed as the vibrator buzzed deep inside her, filling her, the rubber tubing grating against her clit, rubbing it with furious intensity. The rubber against Chaily's clit provided a painful pleasure as her pussy tightened then released around the vibrator. Squeezing it tightly, her lips enflamed, her pussy soaked, her body shaking as she climaxed, covering the vibrator in her slick juices. "UUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNHHH!"

As Chaily rocked in her bindings and was lost in her orgasms, Faith removed the ropes at her ankles. Chaily continued to shake and shiver, and Jovy gave her a brief dose of sweet ether vapors, then untied her wrists and turned her around. She swiftly rebound her wrists again behind her back. Then Saturnina took the end of the tubing after knotting it off and attached it to the rope that bisected her crotch, so that her hand movements would move the vibrator within her as well as the knot at her clit. Stunned and unaware of anything but the pleasure in her pussy, Chaily's sore arms pulled hard against the rope as her body shuddered without respite from the torment.

"ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHH!" Chaily winced as the tubing pulled up hard between her lips. Her juices soaked and lubricated the rubber coil so that it now slid easily inside her. The world around Chaily disappeared as only the sound of her own screams filled her ears. The mind numbing sensation of the vibrator deep within her shook her to the core. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Saturnina took more rubber tubing and looped it above Chaily's elbows. She pulled it tight, forcing her shoulders back, thrusting her breasts out and making her elbows touch behind her. She then took the tubing and passed it around her, first over her breasts, and then under them. Tighter and tighter! Chaily's breasts were now jutting out in protest from her strict bondage.

"ARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGH!" Chaily screamed, begging and pleading for Saturnina to stop. Her screams were now screams of agony, loud shrieks as the pressure on her breasts increased until she could bear no more.


Chaily gasped for air as her body continued to convulse with orgasm even through the unbearable pain, actually causing the sensations to become worse with each contraction. Saturnina reached around Chaily and pulled her back against her. Her rock hard nipples pressed hard against her rival's back as she writhed erotically against her. Her hands took Chaily's full breasts, and slowly started to massage and knead them. As she pulled on her hard nipples, her breathing was hot and heavy with excitement in her ear.

Desperate for relief inside her Chaily pushed her arse back against Saturnina, not caring about the consequences and the unbearable pain it caused when she moved. She pressed her full round arse hard into her.

"UUUUUUUUUUNNNN oh GGGGGGGGGHHH oh AAAAAAAAaahhhhhhhhhh" Chaily gasped, her panting punctuating her screams. The wetness on her pussy had spread to her arse and soaked through to Saturnina.

"You are truly excellent, Chaily. Well worth the wait," Saturnina breathed into her ear as her left hand now roamed down over her round bare belly. Her fingers splayed wide to trace the stretch lines on her stomach.

Chaily continued to gasp, unable to speak, her pussy nearly numb from the vibration, as small explosions of orgasm still filled it with each passing moment. The spiking pain in her wrists shot up her arms, causing her to writhe against Saturnina, her belly pressing against her touch.

Chaily's loud groans turned Saturnina on more and more. She knew that she had to rape the Black Magic rival soon or else she would explode! After she thrust her on the table belly first, Saturnina took another length of rubber tubing and took her right ankle and folded it back against her thigh, looping the tube around her leg and pinning the ankle against her thigh. She then did the same with her left leg, pinning her ankle back against her other thigh.

"UUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMPPPPH" Chaily groaned loudly, her face and nipples against the cool wood of the table, which caused the nubs of her ripe melons to become still harder.

Saturnina then took another tube and ran it through the rubber loops, which bound her ankles to her thighs, then up to her bound elbows. She pulled the rubber tighter and tighter, bowing the grunting Filipina's body backwards more and more. She finally secured the binding, knotting it back at her ankles. Chaily's knees were now spread wide and her hard nipples brushed against the wood tabletop as her body rocked against Saturnina.

"OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!" Chaily screamed as the tubing simultaneously stroked her clit and caused her body to writhe in pain. Tears streamed down her face as the pain became more than she could bear. Chaily groaned continuously, her voice faltering as she began to come again.


"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!" the once confident Filipina Black Magic Woman moaned and whimpered when the waves of orgasm once again racked her contorted body.

Saturnina rolled Chaily over onto her back, pinning her bound arms and legs underneath her. The midsection of body was forced to arch upwards. Jovy meanwhile climbed on the table and squatted over the Filipina's face lowering her larger than normal cunt to her mouth

Chaily responded with a muffled , "MMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHHHH," as Jovy's cunt fucked her face.

Chaily's muted screams reverberated in the room as Saturnina gently rocked her body on the table. The heroine began to struggle against the ropes. Saturnina brought out a pair of shiny nipple clamps from her bag. They were attached together with a light silver chain that sparkled in the light. She took Chaily's right nipple into her fingers, tugged, twirled and teased it. Then she attached the first nipple clamp to Chaily's hard dark brown nipple nipple.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" the shriek came loud and long and now, piercing through the room and bouncing off the walls. Meanwhile, Faith was eagerly capturing every moment on video.

Saturnina then teased her left nipple to full erection by pulling, prodding and pinching it, and then attached the clamp to it. She placed one hand over her arched straining stomach as she tugged the chain in her other hand from side to side...up and down...stretching the tender nipples. Saturnina was practically salivating with lust and her breathing was heavy with excitement.

The pain and pleasure were now intermingled, as Chaily's screams muffled by the squatting 45 year old Filipina's cunt continued to fill the room.


White-hot bolts of pain pierced her nipples, shooting down to her pussy and through her breasts. Her clit throbbed, as a hard tug of the chain put her over the edge once again.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHH," came her muffled cry of pleasure as her body spasmed, her screams and cries continuous now.

Saturnina and her relatives slowly stripped to reveal their bodies. Although small in stature their bodies were well proportioned with the exception that all the women had overly pronounced pubic mounds and cunt lips and were completely shaved without the slightest trace of hair"

"We all come from a small village on the island of Dumaran. A long time ago our village leader decided he liked women with very enlarged sexual parts. Since then we do things that make our pussy lips and clits get bigger. Girls with the biggest clits get married first. I competed against the other women and was married at 12 because of the size of mine, Faith and Martiliana at 14 and Charity at 14 and a half."

The more Chaily struggled and reacted, the tighter Saturnina wanted her bondage, the stricter the position. Next she flipped her back over onto her belly so her head hung over the table. Matiliana now replaced her aunt standing with legs astride so her wet cunt was pressed against Chaily's face. Immediately she began to push her oversized cunt lips and pussy into Chaily's face excitedly working the full length of her gash against her face.

Chaily's eyes widened in horror at the full realization of what Saturnina planned and struggled wildly causing the tubing and rope to cut into her further. She screamed more loudly than any spasm of pain or orgasm had heretofore caused.

The pain began tearing through her body, and her brain was on the verge of overload.

Deliberately as she talked Saturnina had attached a strap-on dildo, not the 6 or 9 inches that had been used on her before but 12 inches of silicone filled rubber, and the menacing black weapon quivered as she approached Chaily fully ready to insert it into her. She cut away the tubing that held the vibrator within the Filipina and slowly pulled the moist instrument from the wincing Filipina with a slick wet sounding SHHLLLLLUUUUUPPPPPPP!!

A gasp escaped around her cunt as the vibrator was released. Her pussy, tight, hot, and throbbing, pulsed from the overwhelming orgasms and her thick mucous juices spilled when the vibrator slipped out completely covering Martiliana's face.

When Chaily's hips were level with her, Saturnina gripped her knees and spread her legs wider apart, and stepped leaned between them. With her false cock straining forward, her hands slid forward to Chaily's hips and she tilted her backward and thrust until she had impaled the Black Magic Woman.

"UUUUNNNNNNNNNHHHHHH!" Saturnina groaned with pleasure as she entered her slowly and sighed at the feeling off Chaily's tight wet pussy as it gripped the incoming dildo.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHH! UMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHH," Chaily screamed as the heat from Saturnina's false cock radiated through her body. Her pussy clenched hard around the cock, gripping it tightly, the friction against her throbbing clit making her cunt pulse harder.

Saturnina took the rope that ran from the tubing holding Chaily in the intensely excruciating hogtie, and began to rock her against her. She reached under her with her other hand to grab the chain that dangled from the nipple clamps. She tugged both the rope and chain as she thrust deeper and harder into her

"EEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMPPPPH!!" Chaily screamed and moaned into Charity who had replaced Martiliana as she came over and over again, soaking Saturnina's strap-on, as her juices ran down onto the false balls of the dildo relentlessly forced inside her. Saturnina's grunts and Charity's screams of ecstasy as her cunt fucked the face of the woman her Aunt was raping mingled with Chaily's to create a symphony of sounds

"YESSSSSSSSS!" Saturnina groaned with clenched teeth, ecstatic at the pleasure she felt. She thrust harder, rocking her rival with the chain and pulling at her tortured nipples. Chaily spasmed violently, as the ropes bit and abraded her skin.

"UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMP!!!" came Chaily's cry of pain. Her pussy was hot and throbbing around Saturnina's dildo as she climaxed furiously. Saturnina was filled with delight when she felt Chaily's juices running along the strap-on to coat her own belly and slip down to her cunt. She groaned loudly as she felt a build up of the most intense orgasm she ever encountered.

The crest of another orgasm was approaching Chaily as Saturnina reached her climax. The false cock was squeezed tightly and deep inside her.

"UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHH." Chaily came with a force so strong it rocked her and pressed her harder into Saturnina. Then Saturnina pulled her away from her removing the cock.

Saturnina's eyes took in her body, bound tightly and severely with her special rubber tubing. Her groans of helplessness and pain filled the room, her ears, and her mind. She entered her again and fucked her harder if that was possible, thrusting deeply and finally she began to climax again. She erupted with a fury even stronger than before.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" groaned Saturnina with ecstasy.

"UUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Chaily's body exploded at the same time. Saturnina's hot juices of triumph poured from deep inside her running down her legs to the floor.

Saturnina exploded again and again with the 12 inches implanted deep within the squealing Filipina, her spurts of cum flooding from her cunt and covering the inside of the strap-on harness with her juices with every labored backstroke of her rocking. "OHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDD!!!" Saturnina cried out with immense pleasure!

The rocking finally slowed, and the pain subsided as the motion decreased. Chaily's ravaged pussy was hot and throbbing as it clenched and pulsed around the cock of Saturnina. Breathing heavily now, Saturnina released the chain between the nipple clamps and ran her hands slowly along her sides to her hips and thighs. She held her firmly against her groin as her cunt pumped the last of her cum from deep within her.

After several long seconds to catch her breath and recover, Saturnina winced as she stepped back and pulled out of Chaily's sopping pussy with great regret. She slowly spun her around and stopped her when she faced her. Her head bent down so she could easily look down into her tortured dark brown eyes.

Triumphantly she crowed "I've started to destroy you."

Chaily's heavy groans and whimpers finally began to subside as the motion mercifully ended. Her bruised wrists, ankles, and every muscle ached from the bindings. The entire area between Chaily's pussy and arse was covered in a mixture of Saturnina's cum and her own juices.

Saturnina unstrapped her and then removed the strap-on while Chaily could only lie there spent, unable to move, vowing silent revenge.

But it was not over. Jovy, Faith and Charity and Martina took their turn at fucking the semi conscious Filipina two at a time: mouth and cunt, cunt and arse, arse and mouth as she lay prostrate on the table.

An hour later when the four had finished, Saturnina played with Chaily's cunt. There was no response from the Filipina. She had all her sex fucked from her.

Standing in front of Chaily Saturnina proudly displayed her cunt. Looking through half open, swollen, tear filled eyes Chaily didn't know how she hadn't noticed the size of her clit before. It was huge. It was about the size of half her little finger and it didn't seem erect yet. Her inner pussy lips also were quite large and stuck way out. Her outer lips also were much larger than normal but didn't appear swollen. They just hung.

"I told you how our village determines a woman's worth by the size of her sex. No-one is bigger than me. Here's the reason why. All women in our village use it"

Chaily's gaze went to the strange objects in Saturnina's hands. which . It appeared to be a scorpion's stinging tail about 6 inches long that had been modified to work like a doctor's syringe. Where the body should have been was a small bladder filled with a brown thick gel like liquid. Saturnina demonstrated how any pressure on it made the dark amber fluid drip from the sting. She attached the tail to a sliver of split bamboo so it had a supporting bamboo spine. The other half of the split bamboo also had a similar scorpion tail and the split bamboo was kept apart by a spring so it formed a v shaped trap with the stings pointing inwards.

Jovy handed her another, much smaller, the stings of the scorpion tails not much more than thick hairs. Again the split bamboo seemed to have some sort of spring in them keeping them apart.

Saturnina leaned in close to her and said "These are for The Sting. The small one goes over your clit, the bigger on your cunt lips. Most of the time it is only on for a short time but some times it is worn on the clit for much longer with a bigger bladder."

With that she picked up another scorpion tail. The sting was the same size as the one she had just seen. This one had a bladder almost the size of her fist connected to the head by what looked like a vein. She could see that this one was also filled. Faith picked up the small scorpion tail and without ceremony pressed it hard against Saturnina's clit and released the spring. The split bamboo closed and the stings sunk into Saturnina's large clit. Saturnina then reached down and grasped the bulb squeezing it hard. She softly sighed "oooohaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh oooooooohhhhh yeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh That's soooooooooooo good."

Charity now picked up the large tail bamboo and slipped the split bamboo over Saturnina's cunt and let the stings sink into her. She moaned loudly. Her body quivered then she reached down and squeezed the bulb with sharp jabs. Each time she would quiver and whimper louder. Soon there were not one but three scorpion set ups, one on her clit and one on each pussy lip. As Chaily looked closer she could see her clit where the bamboo was not attached. It was bright red and terribly swollen. She could see it pulsing from the juice flowing into in the very red and swollen sex organ. Saturnina came over to Chaily and jutted her pelvis forward proudly showing her the red swollen clit. It looked like a boy's cock

"This is what makes our clits and cunts huge. No-one in our village has had The Bite as long or as often as me. But for you we have the opposite serum. Within a day it will dry and shrivel your sex and magic power."

Chaily felt Jovy's breasts and nipples pressing into her back as she reached around her fastening a belt around her waist. She then took a bladder and slid it into a pouch on the belt. Chaily was then pushed onto her back and her legs were spread wide apart. Martiliana then put her mouth to her clit and sucked hard. It was almost painful but also stimulating. (conflicting but allied sensations that she was soon to be accustomed to ). She kept up the intense sucking for what seemed an eternity swelling the size of the clit before she backed off and wiped the clit dry. Chaily watched in fear and anticipation as Saturnina guided the tail and bulb to her well above average sized and now swollen clit. Saturnina examined her cunt and experimented with the placement of a scorpion tail on her clit before she was satisfied. Fondling it she said.

"A large and responsive clit. It would give you strong sex energy. Look at it for the last time because from tonight onwards the juice will work and it will shrink away to nothing. The split bamboo closed close on her clit as the others grabbed her holding here down.

Chaily screamed at the top of her lungs. Her clit was on FIRE and her body was jumping from the pain. It really felt like she had been stung by a scorpion on her clit. Gradually the pain faded to a steady throb and her breathing calmed down.

Saturnina told her that injecting the juice was super stimulating her exhausted clit and as the juice was forced into the clit it was continually masturbating and it produced very intense orgasms. But the end result would be the opposite of Saturnina and her relatives. Unlike the growth in theirs her clit and sex drive would shrivel to nothing. She would be like a female eunuch. As Faith videotaped, Jovy squeezed the bladder. Chaily's head snapped back as her clit throbbed wildly and a loud animal howl escaped from her throat If Charity and her cousin had not been holding her she would have bucked off the table. It felt like thousands of fire ants were running around inside her pussy and every time Jovy squeezed the bladder they bit. Suddenly the pain was replaced by a searing prolonged orgasm that did indeed jerk her off the table.

The women strapped her to the table she had to endure Saturnina attach the two larger stings to her cunt lips and then Jovy and Saturnina worked the juice into her. In between the pain Chaily lost track of the orgasms she had. She had heard of people getting pleasure from pain but hadn't believed it until now. Each time Saturnina or Jovy shot more juice into her clit pre - orgasmic quivers raced through her body until with one long squeeze she climaxed harder than ever. All through her climaxes Saturnina kept pressing more juice into her clit extending her climax. Finally she couldn't take any more and passed out.

She came to in Faith's arms with Charity sitting between her sprawled out legs. She looked down at her cunt and almost passed out in shock when she saw that she had an ever bigger tail strapped over her pussy and another larger bladder held by Charity drip feeding The Sting. Saturnina approached and positioned a smaller scorpion tail on Chaily's still engorged clit and let the stings sink in. She anticipated the pain but still let out a moan. The process of feeding her clit and cunt the juice began again.

After a couple of hours and satisfied with the progress made, Saturnina released the scorpion tails. Martiliana approached her and began kneading her own tits. Soon drops of milk appeared at her nipples and she intensified her efforts stroking and massaging the milk from her breasts. She directed the drops over Chaily's naked body, before inserting her nipple into Chaily's cunt and squeezing as much as she could into the cunt and pubic hair surrounding it.

Mind-chilling terror consumed the exhausted Filipina as Saturnina bent over her, removed the lid of the box she held and slowly tilted it until a moving wriggling little reptile fell onto her belly. A silent scream of maddening panic gorged her throat as the foot-long snake coiled tightly on her belly, head up, the tiny, black forked tongue flicking, and its black eyes unblinking.

Nothing terrified her as much as snakes and here was one on her now, two feet from her face. Martiliana continued to milk her breast moaning softly with pleasure from the arousement this gave her. Saturnina stretched her hand slowly towards the Black Magic Woman's breasts, careful not to disturb the snake so close by. She spread and rubbed the milk into the top of each brown nipple mound and Chaily jerked, even in her hypnotized fear watching the snake, as the woman could not resist giving the nipples a hard squeeze. Her fingers returned to the task, more of Martiliana's milk was pressed out and this time
as Saturnina's fingers rubbed the warm liquid was rubbed across her lips, Chaily shook her head, vainly twisting and struggling trying to get away. Saturnina moved towards Chaily's feet. Lifting her head, Chaily could see her reach towards Chaily's open snatch and rub the milk up and down Chaily's outer lips and down into the inner tunnel.

The snake watched protecting itself but made no move until Saturnina backed slowly away, smiling to herself. Slowly, the reptile unwound and slithered up her body, its hypnotic eyes on Chaily who held her head up from the table, watching in paralyzed horror, barely able to breathe. The snake's head lifted questioningly, its tongue flickered in and out, tasting the air around her body. Could it smell the milk, Chaily wondered in panic. Would it draw the snake?

The crawl of the snake as it began to move, sent cold chills over her dark skin. She held her breath as the menacing serpent squirmed around and then through the valley of her tense breasts. She wanted to, but was unable to give voice to screaming as the reptile shaped its length round one of her tits, the head seeking, moving towards the nipple. Near the peak it faced her, tongue flicking, hissing softly. Chaily had no idea whether the snake was poisonous or not. But just its presence on her body nearly gave her a heart attack.

The milk definitely seemed to have some affect on the snake as its head probed the area of her nipple, slithering across her, almost bathing itself in the milk. Chaily felt the blood pounding in her brain with fear, as the snake seemed to point itself at her lips and began to unwind from her breasts and move slowly towards her neck. She kept just as still as she could as the snake moved closer. She was torn between keeping her eyes tight shut and needing to know exactly how close it was. But when the snake actually brought its head to her mouth and she could feel the flickering of its tongue, as it tasted the milk on her lips she almost fainted in panic. She clamped her mouth as tightly shut as she could make it, to keep the snake out at all costs. Cross-eyed, and hardly able to breathe, she squinted at the reptile as it touched her at the end of her nose. Snake and girl both froze.

The sudden noise of Faith and Charity's excited laughter made the snake hesitate and look up and around, disturbed for a moment. Nevertheless, Chaily took no chances and kept her lips pressed tight shut. Jovy crouched at her feet. Without taking her eyes of the snake, Chaily felt her hands grasping her ankles, one on each side of her. She resisted as her legs were pulled apart, away to the side and then the ankles forced in towards her again, making knees rise up and bend, exposing her precious pussy to the air. Those same hands still gripped her ankles making it quite clear that she was not in a position to move her feet for the time being.

Saturnina approached her head with a small cloth bag and she carefully took from the bag a small, furry animal with a long tail. She carefully held the animal securely in her two hands. As soon as the snake caught sight of the ferret, it squirmed and thrashed in fright, wriggling away down towards her breasts, away from the predator. Chaily found that she could breathe again.

Saturnina held the ferret and would allow the snake to slither for a few moments in its efforts to escape, and would then dart round Chaily and thrust the ferret's head towards the snake, grinning delightedly as the snake swung away in a new direction. In this way the snake was herded steadily down her body to her stomach, then to her mound until it began to drop between her wide spread legs. The others used sticks to prod and poke the snake as it lay coiled between her thighs, trembling against the cheeks of her butt and the vulnerably open lips of her vulva.

"Yiiiieeeee noooooooooooooooooooo," screamed Chaily as she felt the terrifying snake, now out of her view writhing in her cunt entrance. From between her legs the furry animal was pushed again and again toward the trapped snake as it writhed frantically. The two sticks made sure that it stayed within Chaily's thighs. Some part of her mind registered that the strong, lithe hands gripping her ankles, keeping her legs steady and opening her private area, increased their hold. She could not move.

Chaily squeaked as she felt an end of one of the sticks poke into her pussy, where it seemed to being used to lever open her entrance passage. She shrank from the first feel of the little snake as it slid onto her gash, desperate for a safe retreat. Painful chills ran
through her cunt and her belly and she wished she could scream. Hardly had the snake's head found her entrance and begun to dive into her than one of the sticks was pressed firmly down onto the snake, preventing it from making progress. Again and again the reptile dived at her, wanting to escape into her warm darkness. Chaily did scream then, as she felt the head of the cool, dry snake explore just inside her pussy. Strange, unbelievable sensations danced through her cunt and her head came up as high as she could lift it to see the undulating snake disappear at last into her cunt, as it seemed to spasm in revulsion.

The coiling, quivering movement of the snake inside her sent ripplings of maddening sensations of almost unbearable dimensions echoing again and again all through her shuddering snatch. The pressure of the Jovy and the other two gripping her ankles and body eased as they allowed her legs to stretch forward and close together, sealing the entrance to her snatch, with the snake inside. Delighted with their success, they stood nearby watching her, pointing and laughing as Chaily tried to come to terms with the feelings inside her.

For minutes at a time, the coiling reptile would settle down and she thought that perhaps it had left her. She had no real feeling of it stuffed inside her. Then it would change position, squirm maddeningly. When it grew quiet for too long, Saturnina would press her hand into the softness of her belly, stirring it to action again. After one violent prod from Saturnina, Chaily squealed and her belly lurched as the snake seemed to lash about in her pussy, sending unbearable, excruciating waves of sensation akin to pleasure shocking through her convulsing pussy

"Aaaagghhh, good God!" Chaily wept, her pussy muscles working involuntarily. An unnerving heat flashed through her. The feelings the tiny reptile aroused caused the Filipina to grit her teeth against the retching of her body, a prelude to orgasming. Suddenly a tempestuous climax crashed through her and her butt began bouncing wildly on the table, very much as if she were fucking the squiggling, little reptile whose head was visible out of her cunt, covered with the sexual juices that were oozing from . It crept out of her twat four or five inches up through her agitated sex-gash, against her tumescent slit, to stare up into Chaily's appalled eyes.

"Aaaaaiiiiieeee! Ooooohhhhhh! Dear Jesus-God, help me, help me" she gasped as the Ferret was once again held to intimidate the snake and it slithered back inside her pussy, its maddening slick glide compounding the pleasure-agony of her feverish body-rending orgasm. The giggling of the Filipinas watching her evoked a fury in Chaily that increased her body heat and heightened the unwanted ecstasy of having a snake in her twat produce an exquisiteness to rival any climax she had ever experienced from being fucked by a man. The continuing ripples of her orgasm weakened Chaily and she half swooned.

When awareness returned to her a few minutes later, Saturnina was at her snatch with both dexterous hands. Chaily raised her head and got a look at a piece of gauze mesh.

"Oooooo, Oh, God, No!" Chaily pleaded. In minutes a length of the netting mesh had been pushed into her wet pussy to seal it and had then been taped in place, trapping the little snake inside her shuddering, still delectably quivering cunt. Chaily lay in momentary sexual exhaustion, watching as if mesmerized.
Jovy and her niece undid the ropes binding Chaily's wrists and she was flopped over
onto her belly, her hands secured again behind her. The jostling set the little snake squirming in her, righting herself. Her movements provoked fresh tremors of excruciating awareness in her cunt. She looked back apprehensively over her shoulder as Martiliana and Jovy scooped their hands carefully under her belly and lifted her off the table onto a coffee table and set her down kneeling on all fours. Chaily waited, her exposed rump in the air. She looked down, staring unseeing at the floor as the oval buns of her butt were pried wide, opening her anus until the warm, moist inner pinkness showed. Her back bowed up and down at the light, hot touch of the head of Saturnina's black 12 inch monster. How she wished she could faint - or die! Her sense of feel was acute to the inner scurry of the snake in her cunt and the outer, determined prod of the head of the strap-on.

She squealed in a mixture of pain and enthrallment as the pear-shaped head of the cock snuck into her arsehole. The snake churned as if pursued and as she hunched the cock pushed farther into her rectum. Her bowels rolled hotly from the steady, firm penetration.
Her mind could no longer focus sharply on the ghastly spectacle of being defiled with a snake squiggling in her pussy while she was about to be cornholed by another woman. A convulsive sob of undeniable pleasure shook the bunched up body of the Filipina as her butt hole accepted the slowly plundering prick.

"The snake is the symbol of man's virility and I am taking this away from you now. You will never want sex with a man again because you have had the snake," gloated Saturnina as she arse fucked the kneeling, crying, wailing Filipina.

Finally satisfied, she finished, withdrew and the two sisters pushed and prodded at her belly forcing the viper from her. The respite was short lived as Saturnina produced a 4 foot long snake and showed it to the others. Martiliana reached over and opened Chaily's cunt and Saturnina placed the head of the snake against Chaily's cunt lips, as she cried, the snake started to enter her pussy, its head spreading her wet cunt lips pushing in deeper and deeper. The girls pointed how Chaily's belly was rising from the larger snakes movements It was at least 12 inches deep...Saturnina told Chaily that the snake was a would continue pushing its way into her body...she smiled and told her that some snakes were known to enter the womb by pushing past the cervix and as she studied the snake, she told her that it was likely that this one was past Chaily's cervix . One of the sisters pointed out how her belly was moving from the snake. At least 16 inches of the fat reptile had disappeared into her.

"With the juice withering your sex, and the snakes finishing your need for men, now you will submit to me permanently. All Filipinas know if they swallow another woman at rag time they are under their control. Its my rag time now."

Spreading open her pussy lips apart, she lowered her hips so her cunt covered Chaily's face and pressed herself against her to make a seal.

"Remove it," she commanded.

Despite all she had endured Chaily struggled with all her remaining strength because like all women from the country villages and provinces far away from Manila she fully believed that swallowing the red juices would bond her to that woman. As the others held her Jovy seized her clit which was exposed and resting on the thick body of the snake in her teeth and bit. The pain was too much. She gripped the string of the tampon between her teeth, pulling it taut. Saturnina slowly raised her hips causing it to gradually emerge from her twat. Finally it popped out. Taking the string from her mouth, Saturnina held it up, and Chaily stared at the tampon as it dangled in the air. It was short, only about an inch and a half long, and all but the part closest to the string was stained a dark red.
She placed it in Chaily's mouth who was forced to suck the excess liquid, tasting its metallic, feminine taste, When she bit down on the tampon, she was surprised. Since she had never done this before, she had no idea just how absorbent the material was, so wasn't prepared for the sudden burst of blood in her mouth. The sharp taste and acrid smell were still on her tongue when Saturnina withdrew the tampon from her victim's mouth and wrote her initials "SC" on Chaily's forehead with the bloody tampon.

All the time she was aware of the snake lazily moving now inside her belly , but this seemed a minor thing compared to swallowing the Filipina's monthly curse and believing she would be owned by her.

Saturnina swung her leg over her torso, then shuffled forward again until her thighs were framing Chaily's head. This was her heaviest time, and soon her thighs are a red mass which she lowered further. Right before planting her pussy on her mouth, she looked down and smiled. Chaily was forced to poke her tongue in her bloody box. At first the Filipina just gyrated her hips, rubbing her cunt lips all over her mouth, smearing it with her sticky discharge. Then, as she got more and more excited, she started bucking her hips, her slippery gash sliding back and forth over Chaily's lips and chin, covering them with pussy juice and blood. Her mouth was still slightly ajar as she did this, with just the tip of her tongue sticking out, and she could feel her extraordinary enlarged clit continually bumping against the end of her nose.

"Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!" she yelled. "Take it! Take it! Suck it up bitch"

Soon she was humping Chaily's head so hard that there was a chance she might break her nose. Suddenly the she jerked sharply, as if an electric shock had passed through her, and pressed her pussy tightly over the Filipina's open mouth.

"Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! I'm comin'!" she cried, and her whole body began to shake, while her pussy spasmed and a brackish fluid jetted into Chaily's throat who swallowed it anf wormed her tongue as far up inside her cunt as she could, swallowing the strange combination of pre-orgasm juice, period blood, and cum. Afterwards, Saturnina just continued to sit on her face. Seconds later, Chaily felt Saturnina's vaginal muscles flexing and, right away, a warm stream began to pour into my mouth, completing the full range of bodily fluids available to her from the Filipina's pussy. She found herself sucking little clumps of coagulated blood out of her snatch, as if she was eating the aftermath of a miscarriage instead of just a normal period

"Yeah!" Saturnina moaned, now squirming all over the Filipina beneath her. "Suck that
blood outta my fuckin' pussy! Fuckin' vampire!"

The front door bell rang and a 20 year old Filipina entered expecting a quiet waiting room, then stopped dead in her tracks as her eyes took in the scene in the room.

Turning to face the Filipina Saturnina said, "A competition to see the best has meant there is a business take over. I will be happy to assist you tomorrow."
She dismounted from Chaily and lifted her face for the Filipina to see. Her face was like a lioness at a kill, covered with blood, her hair matted, but the initials on her forehead were still visible. The Filipina watched in amazement as the snake's movements could be seen as Chaily's belly traced its outline. The sisters slowly pulled the snake out, but first they marked it, and as they pulled it the rest of the way out, they were able to see it had been in almost 28 inches.

"She no longer has the power. I do. Spread the word"