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The stories are set in the fictional Dragon Business Woman's Club in Hong Kong or are semi true accounts of Vietnamese and Filipinas in Australia.

The Club caters to wealthy Asian Lesbians and Bi women from Japan to Indonesia, from the Philippines to Thailand and China. It operates on several levels: first as a legitimate classy club with a restaurant rivaling the Peninsula Hotel for these women enabling them to meet for both business and sex, providing an exclusive meeting place for wealthy businesswomen. A place they could could view contests such as 6 FIlipinas fighting in a no rules contest against 6 Chinese girls.

At the second higher level it provided a meeting place for these women where they could flaunt and partake in their sexual preferences and gambling outlet for the more affluent members where they could bet on any sexual contest, or catfight or sexfight to settle rivalries between members.

The top and most exclusive level simply provided any sexual need a member wanted and could afford. Two current examples from many: One wealthy 45 year old Hong Kong resident with a voracious appetite for being pleasured, had for the past 7 years been provided with 4 new women every day, seven days a week without fail. A Japanese woman had paid 3 million HK dollars every three months for the past year to be provided with a woman who she raped, tortured and fucked to death in her week long stay.

The other stories are 50% to 75% true and based on Vietnamese and Filipinas in Australia from incidents I have witnessed or been told of by participants or observers, while the Japanese stories are fiction

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